Saturday, 9 January 2010

One for me

Aq rse ni pecubaan petama aq tls puisi dlm english,haha.Rse mcm klaka pon ade,korg bce lah nty eh n sertakan la komen kot2 ade slh pekataan atau grammar ke,aq ni bkn reti sgt.Orait,mls aq nk celoteh pnjg2,just check it out k..

step by step closer,
the shine come back to me,
I feel like a day dream disturbing,
but it's better than a long time nightmare,

I can smile again,
I can feel it by my own way,
our story is a bad history,
now i knew the meaning fake of love,

sometimes,the wrong can be true,
and we don't know what is going on,
we just try to make all alright,
without you i'm gonna be fine,

give me the sunshine,
give me the sweetest time,
I still miss the moonlight,
with the loyal stars around,
and all of that just one for me..

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